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One Response to “Brexit: the box set”


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  1. Sweder

    The jury has only just left the court on Brexit. Peston, that self-made harbinger of our fiscal future, seems convinced we’re doomed. I’m not, surprisingly for a reluctant Remainer. Captain Tom summed it all up nicely for me today.
    ‘It was like being offered the choice of a punch in face or a kick in the bollocks. I took a punch in the face (he voted Leave), and it really bloody hurts.’

    I’m totally with you on May. She seems precisely what we need at this turbulent time, so much more than a safe pair of hands. She’s lucid, focused, driven and determined to steer this mighty ship through some pretty ugly waters. She also has (late onset) type 1 diabetes, a condition that demands diligence. Labour’s disintegration has left us without an effective opposition, a heinous crime in a democracy. Luckily for us, Theresa May is least likely of all possible PM’s to get hammered on unchallenged power and drive us onto the rocks. Anyone who watched her speak at the Police Federation’s annual congress, where she told a volatile audience ‘you change, or we’ll change you’ knows that if the EU thinks it’s going to get an easy ride they have another think coming.

    I laughed, a sickly, rattling sound, laced with confusion and fear, as Boris and Co fell away after the Big Win. Boris didn’t want to win, he wanted to carve his place in Conservative Party history. The result shocked him as much as it delighted Farage and devastated Cameron, a man who got his just deserts for such a dereliction of duty. Wen the time came for Boris to stand up for the Big Job he simply didn’t have the heart. George Osborne is now a grease-spot on the sleeve-notes of Hansard, one that Mrs May seems determined to scrub off entirely. Hammond by contrast comes across as a smart statesman, lank-haired Gothic past notwithstanding.

    You have to admire the PM’s sense of humour. Boris will do a good job, but if he does pratt-fall too far she can hang him with his own rope. Leadsom has the dubious honour of explaining to the farmers where all the EU money as gone and why there won’t be anything like as much coming out of Whitehall.

    There’s one more thing you and I agree on. If our sulking media refuse to accept the result and continue to warble on about impending recession, we’ll be in one.

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