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2 Responses to “GE2017 -51: Here we are again, happy as can be”


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  1. Mid Life Crisis Marathon Man

    If it takes a general election to get EG writing again, I’m all for it …

    More seriously, is the UK becoming more like the US and Australia, i.e. the person best deemed fit to lead a party to election victory is not necessarily (in Australia’s case, hardly ever at all) the best person to lead the country, and is therefore almost certainly doomed to a leadership spill, thus beginning the cyclical mess again? Worse still, a charismatic salesperson such as Trump can gain office with hardly any party support at all until the numbers start rolling in, and long-established policies vanish into the ether.

    These are watershed times, politically. At least Brexit isn’t likely to attract a nuclear strike. Best of luck with it.

  2. There’s no trend that I can see, one way or the other. Theresa May became party leader and PM in the same afternoon. She’s stepped into a very tricky role — party leader, PM and chief Brexit negotiator, all rolled into one. I can only give a personal view. I’ve become softer in my old age, and like most people, I’m prepared to support her for the moment. I think she’s doing a very tough job quite well. Today’s polling gives her a 52% — 15% lead over Jeremy Corbyn as “most suitable as prime minister”. Those figures are sure to change, but she starts the campaign with a substantial lead.

    The one point on which I strongly disagree? Her oft-repeated mantra that during Brexit negotiations, “there will be no running commentary”.

    Hurrumph. We’ll see about that.

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