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2 Responses to “GE2017 -49: Show business for ugly people”


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  1. mid life crisis marathon man

    I realise, of course, that in April, May called a June election, but really, why didn’t she call it for May? “May in May” would have been one of the greatest campaign slogans ever, and now she’s missed the chance. She even could have called it for May the 4th, and got all the Star Wars fans voting for her as well.

    It’s easy to be flippant from this side of the planet… so I shall continue to do so… given that she has such a dull name, at least compared to Corbyn (although, yes, I have to admit that it does sound like some form of recycling receptacle), I think some effort as to the marketing of the election could have been … May’d.

    OK, that’s enough. I’ll May’k off now.

  2. Boring answer — there is a legal minimum amount of time required after a decision. Also, we already have local elections in May.

    Less boring contribution — not desperately funny but someone on the Labour side did note that “June marks the end of May”. Well, it’s the closest we’ve got so far to something vaguely light-hearted. I hope there’ll be more to chuckle about in the coming weeks.

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