Low carb / Maffetone / other regimes
19-08-2017, 08:47 PM,
RE: Low carb / Maffetone / other regimes
Love this. I may even be tempted to give the old Ramblas another seeing-to.
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20-08-2017, 02:52 PM,
RE: Low carb / Maffetone / other regimes
Hola everybody

I'm glad you're succeeding in your weight loss, ex El Gordo.

I've just read Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It by Gary Taubes in a Spanish translation. I've found very interesting the fact that if we want to lose weight it doesn`t depend on the calories we take and the calories we burn but it depends on what we eat. He also says that the fewer carbohydrates we have, the better our glucose, cholesterol will be. I'm trying to eat little bread, very little products with sugar and doing some exercise ( walking, riding on mountain bike and jogging a little in spite of the heat ). I've lost two kilos in three weeks. My weight is 81,9 kg and my aim for Almería half marathon is to reach 78 kg.

Looking forward to being with you all at medio maratón de Almería or the 9 K. and the Moyleman 2018.

Best of luck with your training and healthy diet, amigos y amigas!

Saludos desde Almería.

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RE: Low carb / Maffetone / other regimes
(19-08-2017, 02:08 AM)El Gordo Wrote:
(16-08-2017, 08:29 AM)twittenkitten Wrote: Hola Andy!

I thought of you on your birthday (esp as it was also mine) and I'm both thrilled and fascinated to hear about your progress Smile I don't have anything to add on low carb diets as I've no experience of them. The common thread I have is wanting to lose weight and get more active. I want to lose about a stone in total.......

Are you planning to get to Almeria for the medio maraton in 2018? In my half-crazed state, I'm telling everyone (er, my wife) that I plan to run the Almeria Half 2018. 

Ha ha!! Hurrah for temporary weight loss hysteria and delusion!!

:-) I'll have a look into this low carb stuff - I AM curious about it, if nothing else!

I'm THRILLED to hear you talking about heading to Almeria in 2018 for the half - keep talking :-) It'd be wonderful to see you again and hey, every journey starts with the first step eh? I will definitely get to Almeria. I'm still worried about my ankle so not sure about the half, but committed to the 9K. I may up the ante if indications on the ankle are good.

So - see you there then? :-D At the very least enjoy the hysteria :-P

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