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2018 Season: An uphill struggle.
21-01-2018, 11:16 PM, (This post was last modified: 21-01-2018, 11:18 PM by Bierzo Baggie.)
2018 Season: An uphill struggle.
So, started 2018 with a race, the first one for more than 6 months. One thing is painfully clear, it ain't getting any easier.

Sure, there are older runners out there. But I'd say that many of them are late starters unaffected by injury issues. Some of the others will be consistent, finely tuned training freaks who manage their time efficiently and sometimes obsessively. And the remainder, well, they're just freaks!

Like an old car there's a limit to the mileage you can get out of an aging chassis without changing all the parts. There are exceptions of course but for most of us it's a struggle. 

The pain in my right knee subsided but of course may return. Now my left ankle hurts a bit. Not enough to stop me running but enough to hinder descending and spoil the technical sections that I used to enjoy so much. And as any runner knows running injured can easily lead to other injuries, however careful you may be. 

I try to be optimistic in a straw clutching sort of way. The more speed I lose, the more I can concentrate on slow, healthy running. If I can't do the descents any more I'll just have to improve the climbing sections. Slowly, slowly, run, walk, walk, hands on knees and gritted teeth, tortuous agonizing ascents, the last roll of the dice in last chance saloon.

8 runs so far in January including the race. 50k so far or thereabouts, although I only count time spent running. Some of the hill walking is actually faster and certainly more efficient than running but I never include it as kms run. Perhaps I should.
22-01-2018, 02:57 PM,
RE: 2018 Season: An uphill struggle.
Were there's a will there's a way, BB. Although I take your point about an ageing chassis. I'm also feeling like there's more welding work required.

Seem to remember the FRA relays were at Church Stretton a few years ago. And they hosted a junior FRA champs race. Must be the most southern outpost of the FRA in terms of championship races. Didn't go to either by-the-way. But it looks like a good part of the world for running.

Good luck with all your plans this year BB.
11-02-2018, 09:17 PM, (This post was last modified: 11-02-2018, 09:42 PM by Bierzo Baggie.)
RE: 2018 Season: An uphill struggle.
Thanks, indeed, where there's a will there's a way. 

Gradually getting back into some sort of pattern although it’s not entirely pain-free running just yet. Don’t want to tempt fate but through a combination of persistence and sheer bloody mindedness (synonym of “stupidity”?) things seem to be getting better.
January, 70ish kms run. Try to get out on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
One run is usually a short, fast one around the river. There was even a spring in my stride the other day. It has been many months since I last detected a spring. It may have just been a delusionary memory of a spring. No, I’m sure it was a spring.
Another run will be a climb. This is nearly always early on a Friday morning when I meet up with my latest running companion DJ Alberto, the ever-cheerful Morrisey loving quarryman. We run up Monte Pajariel as fast as possible and then walk down again. I will explain this another day.
The third run should be a longer one. This may be part of a run-walk over mountainous or semi-mountainous terrain. This morning’s fare in blustery conditions, involved half an hour’s trail, half an hour climbing and then a hell for leather descent down the desolate Morredero Pass. Here my training partner Wilde Oscar disappeared into the distance but the continuous running even along the road is good for the soul and as long as knees and ankles hold up there will be more to come.   
Beer and shepherd’s breadcrumbs in the hunter’s bar afterwards which is the best bit, February going well, the photo says otherwise...

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