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4 Responses to “And so, as the Minute Waltz fades, it is time yet again….”


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  1. Hesitation after Baden.

    But such an experienced and talented player of this game which we love!

    So anyway… to use some business jargon (which, as you know, I like to collect in the same way one might ironically collect gaudy painted plates) – am I right in thinking that the takeaway from this post is that you’ve got an ankle injury?

  2. “Hesitation after Baden.”

    First of all, apologies once again to Antonio. Indeed, I was surprised I got away with that one, and I suspect your challenge may have succeeded had it been made at the right time. No good now. Or maybe there should be a little leniency with those foreign words? “But because we enjoyed your challenge, blah….”

    As for the takeaway question, I can only say: “Up to a point, Lord Copper, up to a point”. A fuller answer is on the way.

  3. Mid Life Crisis Marathon Man

    Repetition. You twice apologised to Antonio.

    Anyway, what’s wrong with using “rollercoaster” as a metaphor? Seems apt to me. And in my experience any week involving a visit to Ikea is likely to have been one of mixed fortune… rollercoasterish, even (sorry). This lean toward rollercoasterlessness is disturbing. Ghost-trainish you might say, if you care to keep the fairground affectations.

    Where’s Tom?

    I thunk I’m drink.

  4. AntonioLR

    You needn’t apologise, Andy. I’ve enjoyed reading a text with so few signs of punctuation.Your piece of writing has reminded me of James Joyce, who is a great writer although especially in his last novel, Finnegan’s Wake, experimented with a new style quite difficult to understand.

    How are you doing with your training and weight loss?

    Saludos desde Almería.

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