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4 Responses to “Going Down The Pan”


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  1. I read the linked Daily Mail article with interest… nice to see they managed to turn it into a piece mainly about property prices 🙂

  2. Mid Life Crisis Marathon Man

    Running? Oh yeah, I should probably go and do some of that as well…

  3. Sweder

    It was our pleasure – both family and club – to see you. And to see less of you, as it were. Keep up the good work.
    Sadly last Sunday’s much-anticipated battle with West Ham, managed by the redoubtable Julian Dicks, resulted in a fortunate 0-1 win for the visitors. The game was if anything more competitive and combative than the Plymouth match. Sweary Hairy Mary is on leave but there was nothing Parkinson could do about Little’s short-range, bullet header early in the first half.

    Running is off for me until at least November. A worrying propsect, as I’m signed up for the Key West Half in January.
    I may need to down-grade to the 5k. C’est la vie.

  4. Bierzo baggie

    One day I will visit the Dripping Pan.

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