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5 Responses to “Rowing pains”


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  1. You’ll never get far on one of those things…

    Sounds interesting though!

  2. stillwaddler

    “Row row row your boat gently down the stream, merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream….”
    Excellent idea you can even watch telly while you row:-)

  3. Row row row your boat, gently in the breeze, merrily merrily merrily merrily, burn off all that cheese.

  4. glaconman

    Brilliant. You even look like a rower (Dare I say it). There will be spreadsheets. A big online community. Virtual teams and races. You live next to a lake for when you want to step up to open water. A whole new world awaits. An excuse to watch ‘Gold Fever’ (Sydney 2000 coxless four doco. I think I urged people to watch this a couple of years ago). Regattas, Pimms and stripy jackets. You’ll be single skulling on Lake Zurich before the summer is out. I’m more excited than you are mate.

  5. Sweder

    There’s a row going on
    Down near Slough

    Not that kind of rowing, then.
    I’m a big fan of rowing machines. Or, I should say, I’m a fan of how instantly knackering they can be. I’ve never managed more than ten minutes on one without fearing the loss of an eye. Or a lung.

    Running is stil the answer for me. I’m struggling, as much with life in general as with a recalcitrant knee and an alarmingly sore achilies. Yet, as ugly as runs can be these days – and when I say ugly, I don’t mean rough-looking, I mean hideous – I never regret a single one.

    Good on you, Andy.

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