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  1. Mid Life Crisis Marathon man

    Ah yes, the beloved Domaine A, one of my favourites, albeit generally out of my price range. By far the best merlot I have ever consumed came from there, and their cabernet sauvignon and pinot noir are very nearly as good. I actually have quite an association with that vineyard, having been a regular customer in its previous life, called Stoney, after which they have now named their second label wines, which are blisteringly good value.

    One of the reasons I keep running is so that I may stand some chance of reaching a grand old age, as we have a few wines that won’t reach their peak for another 30, perhaps 40 years. Without the regular running, I don’t stand much of a chance of ever pulling those corks.

    Run on, EG, or find something similar to keep you alive. Your wine cellar demands it.

  2. Andy


    I hit the Publish button rather than Save. Oh well. No harm done. I must have been swept up in Eurovision euphoria.

  3. Bierzo Baggie

    Glad it was the Publish button and not the other one ….great to hear from you! Like the sound of long distance walking by the way, especially where you live. An excellent activity for those of us who enjoy meandering.

  4. Greetings, BB — and splendid to hear the product of your ones and zeroes too.

    As is traditional every May, I dust off my overpriced Swiss walking shoes and tell myself what I need to do. Last year that’s as far as it got. The previous year I added a couple of legs, as it were, to my ‘walk across Switzerland’ but didn’t write about ’em.

    I am hereby dusting off the same footwear, and will get out soon — perhaps next weekend — though I’m dangerously unfit at the moment.

    I went for a glorious drive today, winding up near Grindelwald (Eiger territory). Went for a gentle stroll and realised how hikingly undernourished I am. Now that I’ve addressed it, I need to push the envelope. Will try to post.

  5. Antonio LR

    I’m very glad to be able to read you here again.
    I hope you’ll be fit enough to do the 9 K in Almería next year, A. Little by little you’ll get in shape.

    Looking forward to meeting you here in a few months’ time.

    Saludos desde Almería

  6. SuzieQ

    Good to ‘hear’ your voice again EG! Run, walk, crawl – whatever you want to do, you have to be in Almeria in 2017. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone. And I may not be running the half. I went and tore my ACL so need surgery to fix it. I don’t know if a half is viable, but do hope to at least do the 9km. Maybe we can carry each other around?

  7. Antonio LR

    It’s a pity you tore your ACL, Suzie. I hope you get better from your injury and you can be fit enough for Almería half or 9 K next year. Best of luck! Looking forward to meeting you.

    Saludos desde Almería

    PS. I expect the situation in Fort McMurray is better and its inhabitants have been able to go back home.

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