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  1. Mid Life Crisis Marathon Man

    That to my mind is some of your best writing, sir, so may I extend many thanks your way. That was a real pleasure to read; and what finer way to mark the golden anniversary than a remarkable reflection such as that. Congratulations, and once again may I urge you to keep at it. Cheers!

  2. Lovely essay Andy, and another truly remarkable series of anecdotes from your youth. Reminiscent of Fever Pitch, I might venture. And the TV falling off the shelf is priceless.

  3. Sweder

    Loved this, mate, a genuine treasure. I agree with Dan, the TV hurling itself off the shelf is too good. Danny Baker should get the team who sorted his TV series out to get this to the small screen.

  4. Glaconman

    I had the pleasure of hearing most of these details first-hand whilst sat in various Yorkshire pubs or stood on the terraces at Leeds Road. It was no less enjoyable reading them again here after all these years.

    A few things struck me. Firstly, your Irish roots. Despite growing up in Wembley you have the intelligence and sentiments of a true storyteller. Secondly, being a fellow ‘Outsider’ how certain experiences shape our future so strongly. For me it was my Mother’s religious nomadism and having to sit outside school assembly. Every morning for years. And finally, how glad I am not to be involved with the modern, professional game. Football used to resonate with me but this account goes along way in exaplaining why it doesn’t anymore.

  5. Glaconman

    Actually Andy I don’t think that statement about growing up in Wembley reads very well. You just remind me of some of the characters I have bumped into in Ireland who can hold an audience with their tales. I’m sure you take my point 🙂

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