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  1. Glaconman

    The bike looks great Andy. Good move. Are they 29″ wheels?

  2. Andy

    Yo, GM. Yes, it’s a 29-er. I didn’t even know this was a discussion point until after I’d bought it and did a bit more reading. In retrospect 27.5 might have been better as 29 still feels a bit high and wobbly for me. But there we are. I’ll get used to it.

    I didn’t bother detailing the spec as that might have seemed a bit anal, but it’s Canyon’s “Grand Canyon AL 6.9” if you’re minded to look it up. I’d planned to go for the model below as I didn’t want to spend quite that much but after saving the VAT + getting a small extra discount + a few freebies thrown in, it was much more affordable.

    I’d hoped to write an update by now but my planned Easter bikextravaganza didn’t happen because the weather was so bad. We even had snow here, and there’s more forecast this week, despite today being 20 degrees and sunny. I’ll add something once I’ve more to report.

  3. Antonio LR

    Enjoy your mountain bike, Andy! I love riding on mountain bike especially along dirt tracks with no cars around but I’ve always bought my bicycles in a shop.I’m so clumsy that if I had to assemble it, I wouldn’t be able to cycle five metres.

  4. glaconman

    Good news. 29ers are great for covering more ground if you’re not particularly interested in technical downhill stuff.

    I’m sure you’re sitting-at-the-well in terms of good trails.

    I’d recommend a jetwash for quick cleaning post ride.


  5. Andy

    Call me old-fashioned but I still prefer a nice hot shower and cup of tea.

  6. Splodmeister

    Has it ever been mentioned that Waldshut is twinned with Lewes?

  7. Mid Life Crisis Marathon Man

    No, I don’t think so. Do tell us more. Why is Lewes twinned with Waldshut?

  8. Splodmeister

    I’m glad you asked that MLCM…

    The origins of twinning in Lewes lie not in a civic initiative, but the visionary endeavours of two schoolmasters: one from Blois, the other from Lewes.

    Just after the end of World War II, M. Robert Piolé, Senior English Master, at the Lycée Augustin Thierry in Blois, conceived the idea that the boys of his school should visit England, perhaps on an exchange basis and, seeking a like-minded colleague in England, he wrote for assistance to the Cercle Francais in Brghton. The President, Mr Donald Moyes Auld, was Head of Modern Langauges at Lewes County Grammar School for Boys and, being a devoted Franophile, he replied immediately that he was interested. Thus, it was on Monday 17 March 1947, that a party of 67 boys, led by Mr Auld, left Lewes for Blois on the first school exchange. It lasted a week and was a huge success.

    Easter 1949, at the request of Mr Auld, the Mayor of Lewes, Mr Dick Whittington, accompanied the school party to Blois. Although the visit was not of an official nature, it had the wholehearted support of the Council, and that summer, a return visit was made to Lewes by the Mayor of Blois and other dignitaries.

    The signing of the formal Treaty of Twinning between Blois and Lewes by M. Marcel Buhler, Mayor of Blois, and Mr Frank Hayward, Deputy Mayor of Lewes, occurred in 1963.


    As a consequence, no doubt, of the efforts of General Charles de Gaulle and Dr Konrad Adenauer to put relationships beween the French and German people on an entirely new footing of friendship and mutual respect, Blois developed friendly contact with the south German town of Waldshut. It seems that it was this which led to the desire for the Blois/Lewes connection to be put on a more formal basis. This being effected, Blois then signed a similar Treaty with Waldshut.

    A document commemorating the first decade since formal Twinning documents were first exchanged was signed by the Mayor of Blois, M. Pierre Sudreau, the Mayor of Waldshut, Dr Friedrick Wilhem Utsch, and Miss Beatruce Temple, Mayor of Lewes and, in 1974, the signing of the formal Protocol of Twinning between Waldshut and Lewes by Dr Utsch and the then Mayor of Lewes, Mr Bill Fuller took place.

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